iCanteen is part of the long-established To Go Group. It’s one of our innovative services that help organisations respond to a changing workplace environment.

As we all learn this new normal, we will continue to evolve and add new services. But no matter how much things change, we will always deliver on great food, great service and great value. That was the To Go mission on Day One and it stays true today!

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Our story

Why iCanteen?

In our 20 years of industry experience, we thought we had seen it all! Now a global pandemic has rewritten all the rules for how we live and work.

iCanteen is our response: an innovative service that helps businesses provide safer, more efficient refreshment services in the new reality.

iCanteen and To Go

iCanteen is the latest service from the To Go Group.

Founded over 20 years ago, To Go offers a range of food and refreshment services in the UK and internationally. We work with a wide range of organisations, including some of the world’s best-known companies.

Photo: To Go’s two units, with bespoke kitchen on right and our office above.

The Early Days

To Go has always delivered on great food, great service and great value and these key values drive the iCanteen brand. With our relentless focus on innovation, customer service and bespoke solutions, our journey continues – and we would love you to be part of it.


Previous cafes opened for Jacobs at Winnersh triangle, catering for 1000 and an office cafe we opened for a multi-tenanted office near Henley on Thames.

The journey continues

Our journey began in 1999, when two food professionals and entrepreneurs opened their first gourmet coffee and sandwich shop. Over the next decade, the company grew into a single source office pantry provider (micro kitchen service). Today, To Go serves a broad range of clients including many household names across the EMEA.

During the 2020 lockdown, we took the opportunity to make a number of major changes, including:

  • rebuilding our bespoke catering kitchen
  • investing in new fuel-efficient delivery vans
  • rebuilding our main warehouse and adding a new warehouse
  • launching Snacks To Go
  • improving our online ordering systems

We are very excited about the future and the challenges our new way of working will bring.

Photo: The To Go Café opened in 2000 in Bracknell.

Recent developments

To Go continues to grow and evolve. In addition to our our snack box service Snacks To Go, December 2020 has seen us launch iCanteen, with the iCanteen Micro Market. Then in April 2022, we added To Eco Packaging, providing sustainable, compostable food and drink packaging.

Of course, we’re far from done — To Go will continue to adapt and look for new ways to serve our clients.

Photo: rendering of iCanteen Micro Market.

Fighting food poverty

As the To Go Group grows, we want to make sure that we’re giving something back to the community. By teaming with a local charity — the Providence Chapel in Reading — we’re helping to fight food poverty, especially among homeless people.

Despite its many changes, To Go remains the local company with a global perspective.

Staying sustainable

To Go has always taken sustainability seriously — right from the start, we used fair trade, ethical coffee that respected growers and the environment. Recently, we’ve invested in low-carbon delivery vans.

There are many ways for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Rather than using a faceless project, To Go decided to work locally.

We are therefore sponsoring the Teague Farm Project which, amongst many activities, grows organic fruit and vegetables, plants wild flowers and an orchard, restores wildlife habitats and encourages community pollination from bees.

We are also currently working on a system with Teague Farm for  recycling used coffee grounds.

Photos: The fruit tunnel, Pump drawing fresh water from the River Borne, A Teague Farm friendly resident, The fruit and veg cage, Orchard planted.

Join iCanteen and To Go

If you’re interested in what iCanteen can offer, or want to know more about the To Go Group’s services, please get in touch.